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Sunday, August 2

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All good things must come to an end, and today is the last day of Submit to Your Desires week. I hope you all have enjoyed it, as well as found some new authors and books that you have not read yet , but will soon come to be favorites. But before we say adieu to exploring BDSM in romance I have one more pleasure for you....

Our final guest is the gracious and highly praised Opal Carew(for good reason IMHO). Secret Ties is her newest novel, and the only book this week that I have not read yet, because unfortunately my bank account and my book addiction are currently at odds with one another :) It is at the top of my wishlist, and as soon as Borders has another rewards coupon this book will be mine!

How far would you go to reach the ultimate pleasure?

Max Delaney is a master of bondage and submission… and Summer Anderson's most decadent dream come true. From the moment she meets him, she yearns for him to dominate her-- body and soul. As Max initiates her into his world of scorching BDSM sex, he shows Summer what's possible when she abandons her inhibitions and loses herself in pure sensation. Soon Summer wonders if she can surrender to her wickedest desire yet: to share herself with three men at once. But once she's lived out her most forbidden fantasy, can she go back to her ordinary life? And will she ever want to?

Read an excerpt, and keep reading this post for a bonus excerpt


Welcome to Seductive Musings Opal, for readers who don’t already know your work please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I write erotic romance for St. Martin's Press. In May 2006 (on my wedding anniversary), I signed with my agent and within a week, she sold Twin Fantasies to St. Martin's Press as part of a three-book deal! Now I’m writing three books a year for St. Martin's. Before that, I wrote for New Concepts Publishing and Loose Id under the name Elizabeth Batten-Carew. I wrote everything from short stories to full-length novellas and in several different subgenres of romance. I earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to my passions as a writer. I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and two teenage sons. My oldest won an award for creative writing when he graduated from high school last year and has just completed his first year of university. My youngest son shares his love of fascinating and edgy stories with his dad and me by recommending somewhat obscure anime that we watch together.

Why did you decide to become a romance writer?

I’d been working in the computer software field for fifteen years and I stopped to have a family. With a little time away from my career to think about life, the universe and everything, I decided I wanted to do something more creative so I tried my hand at writing.

I love the tag line for your newest release Secret Ties, “How far would you go to reach the ultimate pleasure” Tell us more about this book.

Summer, attends an adult trade show all about sex (at the insistence of her friend, who is an erotica author). Her friend introduces her to Max, a man who is a master of bondage and submission and helped her with research on her latest book. Summer is wildly attracted to him, especially the idea of being dominated by him, and decides to pursue a weekend fling, then return home with no one the wiser... especially her two close male friends, with whom she would love to start a romantic relationship!

When Summer returns home to her small town, things heat up with her two friends, Shane and Ryan… then Max shows up.

The book was a ton of fun to write. Max shows Summer just how sexy it can be to be dominated, and she introduces this to her relationship with Shane and Ryan seducing them into dominating her. In the end, she explores the other side by taking the lead. If you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about BDSM and what’s so sexy about it (love those handcuffs!), this is the book for you.

I thought it was very “tongue in cheek” that Summer finds herself at the adult entertainment trade show because of her erotic romance author friend Tanya, who introduces her to the hero of the story, Max. What was your muse or inspiration for this story, can you tell us how it came to be, or any secret love matches (playing cupid) due to your own writing?

For the past two years, I’ve taken part in an adult show called Sexapalooza in Ottawa. There’s a bar at one end of the big convention center, a stage in the center where they have entertainment and demonstrations (like showing how to use a bondage bed), and lots of booths throughout selling sex toys, lingerie, sexy accessories, etc. I have a booth there where I meet readers and autograph books. There are also seminars and I give a talk on women’s sexual fantasies. (Check out this link on my website for pictures of the bondage bed demonstration!)

The first time I attended the show, it was a new and crazy experience. It was fascinating watching the people attending and other people who joined me at the booth. People had different reactions at first. Although a lot of fun, the whole situation required a little getting used to for some people. I thought it would be fun to write a story where a shy woman was persuaded to attend such a show, and how better than to pair her up with a friend who is an erotic romance author?

Secret Ties is categorized as an erotic romance. What do you think makes a great love scene, especially when incorporating BDSM elements?

In a great love scene, the reader is drawn along with the characters so she feels she is there, experiencing the same thing as the lovers. Not just sensual physical sensations, though that’s very important, but the passion, the emotions… the love.

With the BDSM element, having one of the lovers being controlled by the other (or others!) means it is important to show the loving way the interaction plays out. It is also essential to show why the lovers find the situation exciting. Although Summer is totally dominated by Max, Summer never feels as though she is trapped. Everything he does heightens her excitement. Showing her getting turned on by the bite of handcuffs around her wrists, or being ordered to do the simplest thing, draws the reader into the situation.

In any love scene, the key is to sweep the reader away to a world of pure sensation and love.

You’ve written books about ménage (Twin Fantasies), swinging (Swing), and sexual dysfunction (Blush). What new horizons will you be exploring, and what do readers have to look forward to in your upcoming books?

After SIX (group sex) and SECRET TIES (domination and bondage), both of which are already released, my next book is FORBIDDEN HEAT, which follows a woman who has secretly fantasized about being with two men she knew in college. Even if she’d been confident enough to suggest it then, which she hadn’t, it was an impossible dream because… Trey and Jake were a couple! As the book opens at a wedding ten years later, she meets the men again, only to find they are now just friends… and they both now date women. This is her chance to live out her fantasy of a threesome with them, but as things progress, she realizes that Trey and Jake should be together and she decides to be the catalyst to reunite them.

FORBIDDEN HEAT is wildly sexy, fun and the most emotional of my books so far. It will be released January 2010.

My current writing project, BLISS, will be my second book that deals with Tantra and Kama Sutra (like BLUSH), but this time with a Tantra master and a woman who believes everything about Tantra—especially the idea of sacred sex—is total nonsense. This book will be out in mid-2010.

For someone who has not discovered your books yet how would you convince someone to give them a try?

Let me start by saying, I love writing erotic romance and it is a great deal of fun, but there is a very serious and rewarding side to it, too. Before my first book ever hit the shelves, I hoped that my books would have a positive impact on my readers, especially those who have suppressed their sexual energy to some degree. It is very rewarding to me when readers tell me how my books have helped them rediscover their sexual self. Here is an excerpt from a reader’s letter to show you what I mean:

“I'm writing to thank you. Trish Wall had suggested your books to those of us that attended the Great Love, Great Sex workshop.

I'm a new reader of this genre of writing. You have quite the talent! Your book Twin Fantasies, woke up desires that had been dormant for years! Your writing, and the energy behind the words, enabled me to reconnect with my self. To be able to reignite that spark within is a wonderful thing. Your writing played a key role!
With appreciation and gratitude…”

Many readers write to me to say that my books keep the heat in the bedroom, and many women share my books with their husbands.

I guess, in short, I’d say if you want to spice up your love life, keep the heat in your romance, and/or reconnect with your sexual self, give my books a try.

Finally, just for fun…if you could write the “fortune” in a fortune cookie what would it be?

Front: Believe in yourself and embrace your power, and you will be unstoppable!
Back: 1, 6, 19, 21, 32, 37 (You wanted the lottery numbers, too, right? LOL)

p.s. this is from me, not Opal...if anyone wins the lottery off of these numbers please remember your friends here at Seductive Musings & how much fun you had this week! :)

*****Bonus excerpt for Secret Ties*****

Summer followed Tanya toward the elevators, intensely aware of Max behind her. They stepped inside and the doors closed. As she stood beside Max’s tall, overwhelmingly masculine physique, it felt as though all the air had been sucked from the small space. She almost breathed a sigh of relief when the doors opened and they followed Max down the carpeted hallway. He stopped at the last door on the left and slipped his key card into the slot.

Summer followed Tanya into a large living room complete with a fireplace on one wall. The simple décor gave an air of elegance. Cream furniture with clean lines and a dove grey carpet set off by vibrant artwork. Several green plants set around the space along with a bright-colored flower arrangement on the glass coffee table made the place feel homey. She gazed at the spectacular view of the glittering city lights beyond the large window.

“It’s a lovely room,” Summer said.

She settled into a cozy armchair, avoiding the couch and the possibility of winding up sitting next to Max. Tanya sat on the couch. At the sound of grating ice, Summer glanced around to see Max pulling a tall, black bottle from an ice bucket. Expertly, he popped the cork, then poured bubbly liquid into three tall flute glasses sitting on the table beside the bucket. He handed a glass to Tanya, one to Summer, then raised his own.

“To your new book, Tanya. May it be wildly successful.”

Tanya grinned widely and clinked her glass against his, then against Summer’s. As Summer’s glass brushed Max’s with a light clink, she felt a tingle skitter down her arm, as though they had actually touched.

She sipped the champagne, enjoying the bubbles as they danced inside her mouth then down her throat.

“So what do you do when you’re not at the Sex-a-la-Gala show, Summer?” Max asked.
Extremely conscious of his dark gaze on her face, she cleared her throat.

“I own a chocolate shop. In a small hotel in Port Smith.”

“Chocolate and sex. A natural combination.” He smiled. “Thank you again for your gift.”

Her cheeks flushed at the reminder. An image of Mistress Cassie and Vex licking and sucking on the chocolate penis shuddered through her mind. Somehow, she just couldn’t imagine Max…

She toyed with the slender stem of her glass.

“I don’t usually… uh… I mean, usually I make truffles and chocolate roses… things like that, but Tanya wanted me to come to the show and suggested I make… uh…”

“Erotic chocolate,” Tanya jumped in. “You should have heard her laugh when I suggested the chocolate penises. I’m surprised she actually did it. Too bad she didn’t run with my idea of having chocolate vaginas, too.”

Summer felt her face flush again.

He smiled and Summer’s gaze lingered on his full lips and straight white teeth. That mouth looked so masculine… so strong. A quiver raced down her spine as she remembered what it felt like to be kissed by him. To feel those lips against hers, his tongue delving into her mouth with controlled confidence.

“People seemed to like what you had to offer.”

He filled her glass again and she realized she’d drained it. She took a sip of the bubbly liquid and felt it warm her throat. She wasn’t used to champagne and she could feel it relaxing her.

“You helped Tanya with her research on this book.” Summer watched those full, masculine lips turn up in a smile again. She really liked his smile. “So you must know a lot about bondage.”

“Not just bondage, honey,” Tanya said. “BDSM.”

Summer pursed her lips. “I don’t really know a lot about… BDSM. People talk about whips and pain. The S and M stands for Sado-Masochism, doesn’t it?”

Summer couldn’t imagine Tanya writing about people hurting other people…

“BDSM actually stands for a number of subdivisions of what used to be known as Sado-Masochism,” Max explained. “This includes bondage, bondage & discipline and Dominance & submission.”

“Max is a very talented Dominant.” Tanya winked at Summer. “That’s Dominant with a capital ‘D’."

Max chuckled. “Dominant is always spelled with a capital ‘D’ by those in the lifestyle.”

“And submissive with a small ‘s’. I know.” Tanya stroked his hand. “So I’ll say you’re talented with a capital ‘T’.”

He tipped his head in acknowledgement of the compliment.

Summer gazed at him, wondering if Tanya had played the game of submission and dominance with Max.

The thought of Max, commanding and masculine, playing the role of the Dominant, sent a quiver down her spine. What would it be like to be dominated by him? The very thought sent her pulse racing.

Her vivid imagination conjured an image of her standing before him naked, him fully clothed, and her kneeling in front of him and unzipping his pants, then reaching inside to draw out a long, hard cock, then wrapping her lips around it—

“Are we making you uncomfortable, Summer?” Tanya asked.

Summer’s gaze jerked to her friend’s face. “Uh… no, I just… don’t really get it.”
As much as the discussion triggered thoughts of hot illicit sex with Max, she was sure that was more because of his strong masculine aura.

“Why would any woman want to be submissive to a man when we’ve fought so long to be recognized as strong and independent?

“Summer, come here.”

At Max’s tone, Summer’s gaze flew to his face. His dark eyes cut through her uncertainty as he spoke again. “Stand up and come over here.”

His commanding tone was totally irresistible. She stood up and stepped toward him before she realized what she was doing.

She stopped in front of him, feeling a bit foolish, yet a part of her wanted to obey him. He seemed so utterly masculine and that thrilled her.

“Fill my glass with champagne.”

She drew in a deep breath, realizing she’d been worried—yet excited at the prospect—that he would order her to do something… elicit… even if just a kiss.
She turned toward the table and picked up the cold, black bottle and filled Max’s glass.”

“Now Tanya’s,” Max commanded.

She filled it, then stood there holding the bottle.

“Now put the bottle down and return to your seat.”

She replaced the bottle on the table. Why had she waited for him to tell her to do that? She’d stood there holding it like a mindless idiot. It was as if she’d gone into a mode where she just waited for his commands, with no mind of her own.

She returned to her seat.

“You were just a submissive,” Max said.

She nodded, not risking saying anything, afraid her voice would quaver.

“The Dominant-submissive relationship is all about the exchange of power. The submissive chooses to be controlled by the Dominant. The Dominant does not take away the rights of the submissive, she gives them freely.

“A submissive never has to do anything she doesn’t want to do. You could have chosen at any time not to follow my commands.”

Summer shrugged. “But they were innocuous. It didn’t matter.”

“Excuse me,” Tanya interjected. “As fascinating as all this is, I need to use the little girl’s room.”

As soon as Tanya had disappeared down the hall, Max said, “And if I had ordered you to kneel down and perform oral sex on me, you wouldn’t have done it.”

“That’s right.” Of course she wouldn’t have. Tanya had been sitting there and…

Shock permeated her body. Was it only because Tanya had been a witness that she wouldn’t have? If she had been alone with Max… if he had ordered her to…

Waves of need washed through her. Could it be that she wanted him to order her to do something unseemly? Something she wouldn’t ordinarily consider?

She sucked in a deep breath. If Tanya had not been sitting there, how far would she have gone?

As Max watched her, interest flickered in his eyes.

“Summer. Come here.”

Immediately, she obeyed him.

“Now crouch down in front of me.”

Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. Oh, God, he’d looked into her eyes and seen everything she’d been thinking.

Was he going to tell her to pull out his cock and suck it? She wouldn’t do it. She couldn’t.

She crouched down, their gazes locked.

The thought of his long, hard cock in her hand, pulsing with desire, overwhelmed her with need. She imagined the feel of it in her mouth, imagined running the tip of her tongue under the rim of his cock head.

They were eye-to-eye now. He leaned forward, bringing his face closer to her own, until his mouth was a mere inch from hers. Her lips tingled with longing, wanting to be kissed by him. He stroked his hand along her neck, his touch powerful and overwhelming in its intensity.

Her pulse accelerated as they stayed like that several long, intense moments. Her nipples hardened and liquid heat settled between her thighs. She wanted to feel his full, masculine lips on hers again. She wanted to scream at him to make her kiss him.

Why don’t I just do it?

But she waited. Wanting him to command her. Wanting him to control her.

Finally, he closed the distance, capturing her mouth with his. His fingers stroked through her hair and curled around the back of her head as his tongue brushed her lips, then eased into her mouth in a gentle, coaxing caress. He explored her mouth with an assertive expertise that left her quivering.

“Well, I see I missed the fun stuff.”

Max’s fingers tightened around Summer’s head, preventing her from jerking away at the sound of Tanya’s voice. He continued the kiss, taking her breath away as his lips devoured hers with heady, erotic hunger.

When he released her, she gazed into his dark eyes, knowing he saw more than she wanted him to.

“Well, I have some things I need to get done before morning, so I’ll just leave the two of you alone.” Tanya grabbed her purse from the side table by the couch and walked toward the door.

“I’ll come, too,” Summer said, standing up.

“Summer, stay.” Max smiled, his eyes warm and inviting.

It had been a request rather than a command, but she froze. Should she stay here alone with this stranger? If she did, she would start down a path she wasn’t sure she wanted to follow, despite the curiosity and desire that stabbed through her.
Tanya grabbed Summer’s arm and dragged her across the room.

“Give us a second, Max.” Tanya smiled, then tugged Summer into the bedroom and closed the door

“Honey, you two obviously have strong chemistry,” Tanya said. “You should stay.”

“But I don’t even know him.”

“It’s not like he’s a total stranger. He’s a great guy—you can trust me on that. You’ll have a fabulous time.”

Summer’s heart pounded in her chest as she stared at Tanya, torn between common sense and a strange yearning to do something totally out of character… like staying to see just where things might lead with Max Delaney.

“You’re curious about this Dominant-submissive thing, I can tell… and believe me, Max will be the best one to show you the ropes, so to speak. What better way to explore something new and exciting than a weekend fling? Monday you go back to Port Smith and your usual life with no one the wiser. You can stash this away as an exciting memory.”

Summer stared at the big bed and quivered at the thought of Max overwhelming her senses with his intense masculinity. She could imagine his lips caressing her body, his hard body possessing hers as she surrendered to him.

A weekend fling. No one at home will ever know.

It had been a long time since she’d had any kind of sex let alone kinky, exciting sex that involved her submitting to the whims of another. Especially someone as potently sexy as Max Delaney.


Her heart pounded. She wondered if Max had hand cuffs somewhere around here. The thought of cold steel cuffs gripping her wrists, holding her down, sent her pulse skyrocketing.

“So what do you say?” Tanya asked.

Summer took a deep breath, then nodded.


To find out more about Opal Carew and the books she has written, you can visit her website, and also find out more about her works written as Elizabeth Batten-Carew. You can reach her on her Myspace page, on Facebook, and on Twitter (OpalCarew). (does absolutely everyone but me twitter?).

Her books are widely sold at stores and online at retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, probably not at Walmart, but stranger things have happened :)

Right now I feel like you all are about to have a chance to win the lottery (and not because of the fortune numbers). Why you may ask...well right now Opal has a novella that is available through Borders called Beyond the Clouds and is currently a FREE download (but hurry I think this offer ends today, but not postivie about that so I don't know how long this will be available).

If that is not enough Opal, and her publisher have generouly offered to give away not one, but FIVE copies of Secret Ties, and all will have signed bookplates! I told you this post would be like a winning lottery ticket, at least to all of you who download the free story and to 5 lucky commenters :)

Today is also the last day to earn 5 extra entries to win Lilli Feisty's book Bound to Please by blogging about Opal's guest interview & giveaway at Seductive Musings. See the Monday's Muse post this week for specifics on how to gain these entries.

How to enter the Opal Carew giveaway:

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Anonymous,  August 2, 2009 at 5:25 AM  

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I think you are quite correct that erotic reads emprove a reader's sense of self and lend to empowerment. It is also a mode of self discovery, I think.

Your book sounds wonderful and I would love to be entered.

Thank you for a great contest week Carrie!!


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You are a new to me author and I will be checking out all your books, especially after that hot excerpt. Off to get the free download now.

Carrie, thanks for all the giveaways!


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"In any love scene, the key is to sweep the reader away to a world of pure sensation and love". You do this so well in your stories, and it is why I have your books on my keeper shelf.

I love the emotional component in a great BDSM story and thoroughly enjoyed both of your excerpts.


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Shawna Lewis

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Carlos Antunes August 2, 2009 at 3:39 PM  

Almost accidentily I ran into this and I got to read this part:

You’re curious about this Dominant-submissive thing, I can tell… and believe me, Max will be the best one to show you the ropes, so to speak. What better way to explore something new and exciting than a weekend fling? Monday you go back to Port Smith and your usual life with no one the wiser. You can stash this away as an exciting memory.

It is just the kind of thaught I have, a weekend of novelty away from a boring life.
Might not be a new and wonderful sexual experience, might only be a trip to an unknown place with a great book!
Today is monday and right now I am starving for this book for a future weekend, if you know what I mean!

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Armenia August 2, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

Opal, you have an amazing web site. I spent a good hour just playing around and watching all your book trailers, and the link to Sexapalooza. Congratulations on your new release, awesome book cover, and I just loved your 2 excerpts. This is now a must read for me. Thanks for a great post and interview. Just really enjoyed myself learning about this fascinating world of BDSM.

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Nicole Morgan August 2, 2009 at 7:00 PM  

Hi Opal,

I haven't been lucky enough to read your work before but now I find I will have to change that. While all of your books sounds fantastic, I must admit that I am most intrigued by the premise for Forbidden Heat. Unfortunately though I see I will have to wait until January to read it. I guess I'll have to tide myself over with one of your other titles until then.

Thanks for stopping by and giving us some insight into your writing.


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Hi Opal,
That was a great interview and excerpt. I am new to this blog, and have never read any of your books, but I definitely am going to pick up Twin Fantasies, and love a menage which is what attracted me to Secret Ties too. I would love to win this book, and am crossing my fingers that I win. Thanks for the chance!

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Please enter me
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Opal Carew August 4, 2009 at 5:00 AM  

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments! I enjoyed taking part in the Submit to Your Desires week at Seductive Musings. I wish all of you luck in winning a copy of SECRET TIES!


MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason) August 4, 2009 at 7:05 PM  

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Thank you so much!
I loved the interview and the excerpt! Can't wait to read it!

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My FREE Kindle Quest

I've wanted a Kindle for what seems like forever, but haven't been able to afford it (and that's saying something since I can justify the cost of just about ANYTHING that I really want). I've tried winning one in one of the many giveaways that have taken place over the couple of years, but with no luck :( So I've decided to take matters in hand so to speak :) I've now decided that I am going to accumulate enough Swagbucks from my Swabucks searches to buy in essence my new Kindle will be FREE...funded entirely by my internet searches done on Swagbucks. I'll keep you informed of the Great Kindle Quest below (in case you're interested....if not feel free to just skip over this part, but really who wouldn't be interested in a FREE Kindle?)
Goal: $119
Current Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card balance: $90.00
If you'd like to learn how you can earn Swagbucks and earn your own Amazon Gift Cards to buy books, a Kindle or other merchandise sold at Amazon contact me and I would be more than happy to tell you how I plan to go about it. (just so you know you can earn both and gift cards on this rewards site)
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