Guest Author & Giveaway: Elizabeth Amber featuring Dane, The Lords of Satyr

Tuesday, May 25

***This giveaway has ended, but you should still read the's worth your time:)  Thanks for joining the fun!***

Today is kind of a special day because my guest, Elizabeth Amber, opened up a whole new reading world to me and needless to say her novels hold a special place in my booklover heart. 

A few years ago I was book browsing on the internet and came across a book cover like none I had ever seen.  It was NICHOLAS, The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber.  I had never heard of Aphrodisia before, and the author was also new to me.  Covers like the one on NICHOLAS are fairly common now, but 2007....I was completely stunned with cover love.  I don't think I even bothered reading the blurb, or the excerpt...I knew I had to read it.  I read it.  I LOVED IT!  Thus began my love of the Lords of Satyr series, as well as steamier erotic romances in general.  Elizabeth Amber is my guest today.  I hope you indulge by reading the interview as well as an exclusive bonus excerpt just for Musings readers.  Enjoy!

Welcome to Seductive Musings Elizabeth! I am so pleased to have you as my guest today because I've been eagerly anticipating your newest book in the Lords of Satyr series, DANE. For you, what makes a romance novel a great love story, and who are some of your favorite authors to read? Who's your new "favorite find"?

Thank you! I’m so pleased to be here today. I’m anticipating DANE as well—it releases around May 25th, give or take a few days. For me, a great love story is all about emotional connection and sexual tension between the hero and heroine. I want to read sex, too, but sex usually falls flat without that emotion and tension. Some of my favorite authors include Lisa Valdez, Kresley Cole, Lora Leigh, Anna Campbell, Jayne Ann Krentz, Nalini Singh, and many others. Jennifer Ashley is a recent find for me.

DANE is the fifth book in your Lords of Satyr series. Can you tell us how each of the books are connected, and for someone who has not read NICHOLAS, RAINE, LYON, or DOMINIC (the first four in the series) can you give us a brief summary about each of these stories? And do they need to be read in order?

They’re all stand-alones and can be read out of order:

Nicholas (1), Raine (2), and Lyon (3) are half-satyr/half-human brothers, who guard ancient secrets and engage in carnal rituals in their ancestral vineyard in Tuscany, Italy, circa 1823. (In myth, satyrs are the carnal followers of the Roman wine god, Bacchus.) When they receive a letter informing them that their ElseWorld ruler revealed upon his deathbed that he bore three half-fey/half-human daughters, the satyr lords go in search of them. These females are living in various locations in Europe, where each is unaware of her unique heritage and is in some sort of danger. The satyr have traditionally protected the fey, so the brothers feel obligated to offer them the ultimate protection--marriage.

Dominic (4) tells the story of Nicholas’s sister-in-law, Emma, in 1850 and delves into the paranormal a bit more—Dominic is a full satyr demon hunter, who’s despised and feared by the very people he protects. When Emma’s husband cannot engage in a birthing/bedding rite due to a war injury, Dominic is summoned to engage her in the rite in his stead.

DANE (5) is set in Rome during the forum excavations, about sixty years after Nicholas. It begins a new trilogy featuring half-satyr/half-human alpha males--Dane and his two brothers, Bastian and Sevin. It’s 1880, and the satyr and their closely-guarded ancient secrets are in imminent danger of being discovered by humans, as the forum excavations commence.

 photo copyright & courtesy of Elizabeth Amber

If you had to describe your novel DANE and grab the attention of a potential reader in a two or three sentence quote from the book what would you choose?
The early October breeze rattled silvery-green leaves on gnarled olive branches, alternately revealing and concealing the meddling female from view. As she moved past in a direction parallel to Dane, he angled his jaw so his eyes could follow her.

Perfect. Now he wouldn’t have to go hunting tonight.

Tell us about your hero, Dane/Dante. What do you think will make readers, much like his heroine Eva, fall in love with him? And can you tell us a little bit about their story in DANE, Lords of Satyr?

Dane and Dante are one in the same. Fragments of a single mind. Possessors of one body. Dane has been through the fires of hell and emerged a strong, sexy alpha male. He trained as a tracker, and there’s more than one secret stirring inside him. He and his youngest brother mysteriously disappeared when they were boys. Dane was found a year later, wandering in the forum excavations. His brother is still missing and will soon turn 18, the age at which the satyr begin to change physically and are ready to engage in the ancient mating rituals. The secret to his brother’s whereabouts is locked inside Dane. The clock is ticking.

Each of the Satyr's heroines are unique...not your typical heroine, Eva is no different.  She is a Satyr herself which seems unusual, even for the world they live in.  I find it interesting that her name is Eva, much like Eve the first woman.  Tell us more about Eva.
Though there have been rumors through the centuries, there has never been a satyr female in all the history of their kind. Until Eva. If anyone discovers that she’s satyr, factions in both worlds (Else and Earth) will try to control her, to study her. She’s the offspring of her fey mother’s liaison with a satyr lord, who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Like Nicholas, Dane, and all other satyrs, she is called to heed a carnal ritual on one special night every month. These nights are exceptionally difficult for her since she cannot reveal her true nature to a male partner for fear of discovery. She is newly arrived in Rome and has come in hopes that she may discover who fathered her and learn the secrets of her heritage. Meanwhile, she is called upon to use her matchmaking skills to find wives for the satyr lords, who require human brides to entrench themselves in EarthWorld society.
Good catch on the significance of Eva’s name. I actually named her after my bf, but she noted the Eve/Eva connection as well.
Dante is the first one to encounter Eva during moonful, then later in that same meeting, Dane. What did each of them think when they found her?  And what elements of each personality draws her to them?
Dante is a fragmented personality within Dane, who only shows himself when Dane becomes sexually aroused. Dante’s visits are rare, but when he comes forth he is all about sexual satisfaction and keeping Dane from finding out what happened during their mysterious missing year when Dane’s brother was lost. Dante relishes the sexual act and Eva quickly falls under his spell in chapter one. After all, it’s the night of the carnal ritual, when the satyr are called to fornicate the night away.

Dane is stunned when he meets Eva trespassing in his olive grove. His attraction to her is so strong that his mind fights free of Dante’s hold for a brief time. He wants her and almost has her, but she escapes.

Both Dane and his alter, Dante, sense there is something very different about Eva. To their astonishment, they realize that she’s a female satyr.

What's your favorite scene or moment from DANE, and why? Can you describe it for us without giving too much away? 
I think chapter 2 is one of my favorites. It’s a scene between Eva and a shimmerskin male (shimmerskins are sexual partners that only the satyr can conjure from thin air) she has created after her first meeting with Dane in an olive grove on his land that afternoon. It’s now the night of a carnal ritual and she was both thrilled by and terrified of her attraction to Dane. Her mother and nursemaid schooled her endlessly that exposure of what she is will lead to her family’s destruction, so she fled him and returned home to her room to engage in the ritual. The partner she creates strongly resembles Dane and she imagines what it might have been like, if she’d stayed with Dane as he’d bid her. She could have spent the night in his arms…but didn’t dare.
I read on your website that we can look forward to two more Satyr novels.  Yeah!  What’s next for you, what are some of your upcoming releases, or new projects you are working on?  And how many Satyr books do you envision for this series?

I’m contracted with Kensington to write 2 more for a total of 7 in the series. The next two will feature Dane’s brothers, Bastian and Sevin. There’s a fourth brother, Lucien—the one who’s still lost at the beginning of DANE--and he may get his own book.

If there was a poll who do you think readers would choose as the most lusty Satyr?  Would that differ from your own choice? 

Since I love them all and readers all have different favorites, I’ll let each satyr speak on his own behalf. Guys, readers would like to know which of you is the most lusty. Your thoughts?:

Nicholas: I am, obviously. I crave women. Though I take care to keep my heart at a distance, none of my partners have reason for complaint. I’m the most creative lover a woman could desire. Nothing is out of bounds, if it brings pleasure.

Raine: Some women prefer restraint, brother. A little finesse. After my ex-wife’s cruel defection, it will take a very unusual female to capture my heart again.

Lyon: As for me, I love women—all shapes and sizes, inside and out. Though I don’t want to be tied down, I’m always willing to tie a woman down, at least for an evening of pleasure. So, if you’re not otherwise engaged tonight…?

Dominic: There’s no room in my heart for anything but the destruction of my enemies. Love would render me weak, and that I cannot afford. I’m all that stands between my people and the demons that are attacking my world.

Dane: Who among us is the most lusty? Ask Dante. I’m told he knows what he’s about when he has a woman under him. However, I wouldn’t know. Dante takes over my mind and body during any sort of carnal engagement. I lose myself to him, no matter how I fight. Although he is a part of me, I despise him. I want what he has. Lust should be mine to enjoy. And then, one night I meet a very special woman trespassing in my olive grove, and everything changes.
Finally, just for fun…if you could write the “fortune” in a fortune cookie what would it be?

My fortune would read: “You will be forever beautiful, inside and out.”

The dark sensuality of the Lords of Satyr returns to 1880s Italy, where these powerful men indulge their lust without inhibition…

An Appetite For Pleasure

When Dane Satyr approaches Eva for her services as a matchmaker, she offers him more than just introductions. Dane has discovered that Eva is a Satyr like himself, full of insatiable passion and dark desires. Their attraction combusts instantaneously, unlocking pleasures that neither can resist repeating…even as Eva seeks out a mortal bride for Dane…

A Demand That Can’t Be Denied

Dane knows that the anonymous enemies of his past are now smiling in his face, but unmasking them is no easy task. A ring of sex slavers is at work amidst the high society he courts, and revealing his sensual powers could expose his greatest vulnerability. But having sampled the delights of a satyr mistress, Dane finds his own desires rising against him as well…

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Happy Release Day and sincere thanks to Elizabeth Amber and all of her lusty Satyrs for being my guests today!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. If you'd like to learn more about Elizabeth and the books she writes you can find her at her website, on Facebook, and her Yahoo Group.

Would you like to read DANE? One randomly selected commenter will win a signed copy of Elizabeth Amber’s new erotic historical paranormal romance release, DANE, THE LORDS OF SATYR, which is an RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times) TOP PICK in the June issue (4.5 stars). Here's how you can enter to win...(please note there are a few changes in how you can earn extra entries)

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jeanette8042 May 25, 2010 at 2:45 AM  

I'm definitely loving the premise of Dane and I loved all the previous ones in the satyr series. I think this will be the most interesting because there's a female satyr and I never knew there were female ones before!

GFC follower

lilazncutie1215 @

Cecile May 25, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

I am popping in to show some support to you ladies!!!! You both did an awesome job!!!!!!
And yes, Dane is coming to my house!!!!

Elizabeth Amber May 25, 2010 at 11:36 AM  

Carrie, the blog looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your wonderful questions and for helping me celebrate the first day of Dane's release!

Jeanette, I'm so glad you're enjoying the satyr novels! A couple of readers asked me if there would be female satyrs and my bf did as well, which got me thinking along those lines.

Cecile! So good to see you. I'm looking forward to visiting your house soon.

tetewa May 25, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

I'm always looking for new authors and series to read, sounds good!

Artemis May 25, 2010 at 6:04 PM  

Dear Ms. Amber,

I have been so intrigued by this series for quite a while now. First of all, the covers yelled at me from their places on the book store shelves, then the blurbs on the back just about pulled me in. I don't know why I haven't fallen yet. After reading the two excerpts on DANE, and the guys trying to convince us who is the lustier; that did it, no more holding me back.

GFC Follower.

Heather B. May 25, 2010 at 8:43 PM  

Hey Elizabeth,

just stopped by to say hello and show my support for these awesome books. Thanks for the dedication and book. I am just now reading it & will post my review Friday. I love it so far and can't wait to finish.

Don't enter me since I already own all of Elizabth's books.

Mitzi H. May 25, 2010 at 10:12 PM  

I think it is so great that you were an art history major and used that information to form the idea for your unique novels. I'm looking forward to Dane and more books in the Satyr Series.

I've read many times that authors have little say when it comes to their book covers...But your covers are stunning....Did you have anything to do with their selection?

I'm a follower

I completed the giveaway form and I hope I answered the question correctly??? I spent a loooong time trying to find a specific "name" but couldn't find one (such as the famous one in WW2) I submitted the best description I could find after reading all the excerpts.

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Robin K May 25, 2010 at 10:14 PM  

I usually avoid books that seem too erotic but these sound awesome. Demons, paranormal, and the mushy stuff. Count me in! I am going to go out and find the other books too.

I am a follower and filled out the form.


mbreakfield May 26, 2010 at 9:07 PM  

I haven't read this series, but it sounds great. Dane intrigues me. I've never read a book with a hero with multiple personality disorder.

Elizabeth Amber May 27, 2010 at 12:04 AM  

Tetewa, hi, I know what you mean. I’m always on the lookout for authors that are new to me, and I find so many good ones. I’m amazed out how many I miss though. I’ll find something that pubbed a year ago that I never even heard of. Thanks for stopping by Seductive Musings.

Hi Artemis,
Guys trying to convince one another who’s lustier—that seems exactly like something my brother and his friends would have done in the 1800s. I think the satyr novel covers are awesome, too. Which is your fave? I think mine’s Nicholas because it’s sexy but has classic overtones. And let’s face it, it’s just hot! Kensington did a great job with the covers and I like that they have a consistent, cohesive look.

Hi, it’s so nice of you to drop in. (Heather is in the dedication of Dane along with nine other members of our e-newsletter group. Yay! I love that.) I am so glad you’re enjoyed the book so far. Keep me posted, good or bad. xoxo

Elizabeth Amber May 27, 2010 at 12:06 AM  

Mitzi, thanks for popping in. I’m so glad I found a viable use for that art history major! LOL. I had no say in the covers. They just appear one day. I see them first as a jpg my editor emails to me or sometimes I get the cover flats first. However, for the next book (Bastian) I asked if it could be a royal purple/violot/navy color. Thanks for entering the contest—I think trying is good enough! Hint, its initials are AH.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for considering the satyr novels and for coming by. There are excerpts from them all on my website, so that might help. I hope they work for you! Let me know if you get a chance.

Did you see the movie, Sybil? I read the book and saw the film and have been intrigued ever since. One of my e-newsletter group members works with people who have this illness, and she said I handled it sensitively. Phew! I was so glad. I hope you enjoy Dane if you try it.

pixie13 May 29, 2010 at 1:07 AM  

Satyr as the main character is a new one to me. Sounds like a great read & the excerpts definitely intrigue. Please count me in. Thanks!


Elizabeth Amber May 29, 2010 at 3:37 PM  

Hi Pixie,

Glad you enjoyed the excerpt and I hope you enjoy Dane if you get a chance. Satyrs are the carnal followers of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus, which is why these half-satyrs dwell in Rome and work the vineyards and olive groves of their ancestors.

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