Month in Revew: February 2011

Wednesday, March 9

Despite February being a shorter month I read quite a few books...not exactly sure how that happened, but there it is.  Here are the books that I read, and my brief thoughts about them:

 *The first rating is the star rating the second rating is the sensuality rating.  For a complete explanation and definition of the ratings at Seductive Musings please go here.
  • Love at First Flight by Marie Force (4.00/3.25)*  :  Definitely a very good read, but not my favorite Marie Force novel (which is Everyone Loves a Hero).  Liked the hero in the book quite a bit, but the heroine and her indecisiveness between the two men in her life bothered me a bit.
  • Explosive by Beth Kery (4.00/4.75)*  :  Again a very good read, but not my favorite Beth Kery novel (which is Wicked Burn).  I was a bit confused at the beginning because of where the story starts and then backtracks, but considering the hero is suffering from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and doesn't remember events that recently happened this makes sense the further into the story you go.  Good suspense, and lots of sex that you would expect from an erotic novel.
  • Improper Seduction by Mary Wine (3.50/3.50)* :  This story had all of the elements that I usually love in a Highland novel.  A great Highland hero, a reluctant bride, kidnapping, good love scenes...but it didn't quite all come together for me.  I couldn't really put my finger on why I didn't like it more than I did because when I broke down the elements of the book, this should have been at least a 4 star book for me.  So this was a bit of a disappointment.  I guess I never really connected to the characters and didn't feel sufficient emotion or development of the story.  I liked it, but didn't love it.
  • Rough Cut by Mari Carr (3.50/4.00)* :  First novella I've read by this author and loved the premise of the book.  Hollywood actor wanting to expand into producing and directing hires the writer of an anthology of stories to write the screenplay that he wants to make into a movie.  The two decide that in order to get into the heads of the characters they will be writing they should have a brief affair to enact the stories while writing them.  Liked the premise of the story and like the emotion as well as the heat level in this little story, but my biggest issue was the length of the book.  I really wished it would have been longer so that the heroine and the hero could have explored each story that they were writing instead of glossing over some of it.  I think their connection and falling in love would have made more sense and less abrupt.  Still a good read, and definitely hot. 
  • The Devil's Temptress by Laura Navarre (4.25/3.00)* :  A full review of this novel is forthcoming so I won't go into too much detail, except that I really enjoyed this second novel by Laura Navarre.  Even though the title is similar to her previous ebook The Devil's Mistress they are not related and I thought Temptress was much more of a romance whereas I felt that Mistress was closer to Historical Fiction.  A very good romance that a historical romance lover would enjoy....that is, if Dorchester ever actually releases it for purchase (was supposed to be for sale on 2/15 and the ebook is still not for sale yet as of 3/8...what's up with that?) I'll have a full review of the book for the blog soon.
  • Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force (5.00/3.75)*  :  I absolutely loved this book!  Was the first book I've read by this author and my love of it caused me to go get her backlist and read it ASAP.  Great story that hit all the right buttons for me, and was very very hawt!  Great contemporary romance.  You can read my full review here.  Read the book, you can thank me later ;)
  • A Present for Christmas by Shiloh Walker (2.50/2.50)* :  Shiloh Walker wrote my favorite book of 2010 (Broken) so I was a little bit surprised at how much I didn't really care for this very short story.  The length of this story really hindered it in my opinion.  If this happens to be the first book you read by this author it is not a very good representation of her least in my opinion.  I am working my way through her backlist since I've enjoyed several of her other books, but this one could have been crossed off the list without ever missing it.  
  • Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair (4.25/5.0)* :  I love Club Shadowlands!  After reading the description of this story I was a little bit hesitant about it and some of the elements of BDSM it contained.  However, I've loved all of the previous stories in this series so I knew without a doubt that I had to read it.  Great story and another great addition to this series..very very hot and definitely earns the 5.0 sensuality score.  It only confirmed my belief that Cherise Sinclair is one of the best BDSM erotic romances out there right now.  The only thing I don't like is that her publisher puts a premium price of $7.99 on this ebook and they don't sell to retailers like All Romance, or Amazon until MONTHS after the release date.  I hate buying books from publishers...but don't get me started on that rant!  If you are interested in this type of romance, or if you enjoy BDSM romances then you won't want to miss the latest by Cherise Sinclair...however if you can wait a few months I would that way you can buy it from your favorite online etailer, but if you are like me and are impatient you'll probably go ahead and buy it now ;(
  • Beg Me by Shiloh Walker (3.50/5.0)* :  I was excited to learn that Shiloh Walker was going to start self publishing some of her books.  Why?  I know it's hard for authors to earn a living writing, and if I can read the stories that I love and the author can make a bigger profit from it, then I am all for it!  Wholeheartedly....that is as long as the quality of the story and the editing is the same. I really did like the story very much.  Liked the characters, the heart, the all worked for me, except for the editing.  For me, there were so many errors in the editing and proofreading of this book that it distracted from the story for me which is why I only gave it a 3.50 instead of a higher score.  If you can get past that, then I think you might enjoy this little read....and it's pretty steamy and pushed the envelope a bit which is why it got a 5.0 sensuality score.
  • The Mistress House by Leigh Michaels (3.50/ 2.75)* :  Interesting premise revolving three novellas around a house purchased to house a mistress (which never actually happens).  I liked that the three stories also had characters that were related and made the collection of stories feel more connected.  Some of the stories were better than other, but all of them were definitely likeable, though somewhat ordinary.  Not a great read but a good read...what I would consider an average romance.  If you read it I don't think you will be disappointed, but I also don't think it will make anyone's favorites list at the end of the year.  You can read my full review here.
  • What I Did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long: (4.75/3.0)* : All I can say is Wow!  I really really loved this historical romance.  It's receiving a lot of rave reviews, and for very good reasons.  This is one you should definitely add to your wish lists if you haven't already.  The first book I've read by this author and because I loved it so much I am slowly working my way through her backlist.  So you may be wondering why it didn't get a 5.0 star rating was the ending, basically the epilogue that didn't end the way I thought it should and I was disappointed in it which is why it only got a 4.75.  Otherwise it was pretty much perfection!  Another must read this year!  Great heroine and hero!  LOVED IT! (despite the epilogue).  I'll have a full review of the book for the blog soon.
  • Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain (2.75/2.0)* :  I agreed to review this book and was excited about it being republished because everything that I had read about it made it sound like a great romance.  It was a sagalike romance, and I did like the premise of the story....but the characters were a different matter. They had a love hate relationship and while you could understand the hate, I never did understand why they said they loved each other....and the heroine, while young, seemed very immature especially given that she had to support her family from such a young age. Didn't work for me.  I was very disappointed by it.  Even though many praise the works by this author, based on this experience with Moonstruck Madness I don't think I will be picking up another of her books to read.  You can read my full review here.
  • Dane by Elizabeth Amber: (3.5/4.0)* :  Is it just me or does this series seem to keep losing it's magic with each new book.  I remember really enjoying the first book Nicholas.  It was so different and I loved the world it was in.  Dane was better than I actually expected it to be.  The hero had a dark past that he couldn't remember because he has blocked the memories, and to try and cope with all that he has been through his mind created three separate identities, and something that was different in this book was the author introduced a female satyr which was a new twist.  I wish all of these things would have been explored more fully.  Eva, the heroine was much like any other lusty woman which was kind of disappointing that there wasn't something that was "more" different about her since she was apparently one of a kind.  And I didn't feel that the villains were quite as evil on page as what their potential was.  Overall a pretty good read, but felt this would have been a much better book given all that there was that was going on if the book would have been longer.  From what I remember the book was less than 3oo pages and some things just didn't feel as resolved...especially since Dane was the beginning of a new family to the series I thought there would have been more about the brothers.  Just not enough page time for all of it to be as good of a book as it could have been.  If you are a fan of the series than you may want to read it, otherwise it's a toss up.
  • After Dark with a Scoundrel by Alexandra Hawkins (4.00/3.75)* :  This series just keeps getting better and better...and my prediction is that it's going to get even better than it is with the upcoming books of Vane and Frost.  Two Lords of Vice that I can't wait to get my booklover hands on!  I really liked the heroine of this book.  She's been raised by the LOV and consequently punished for what they have indulgently taught her as she comes of age.  She's always been a little bit in love with her hero Dare and sets out to seduce him.  This was a fun and sensuous read.  If you like historical romance and have been following this series, then you will want to read After Dark with a Scoundrel.
So my picks for February as favorite reads are (ie ones I think are not to be missed):

...with honorable mentions going to:

What were some of your favorite books that you read in February?  Did you read any of the same books that I did and if so did we agree or disagree?

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Scorpio M. March 9, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

You had a great month, Booklover!

I am having an abysmal 2011 so far, reading-wise but I did read WIDFAD! It was a great read. The wordplay, the wit, the May/Dec theme, it was fun but still had a lot of, love, loved it! I was a bit let down by the ending also, not that it wasn't a HEA but I wanted to read more of the post-wedded life.

And I have your recommended Marie Force book in my TBR. It will be read next. :)

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